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Here we are going to take a graphic image of the world and fill in the the spaces with graphics of faces, each face will pop up when you hover over it with the mouse and will be linked to a website or facebook page, to create an interactive global map. 

This is a social experiment and a unique marketing strategy with awesome networking possibilities and I believe a very nice way to bring people together and show a global scale of impact on our lives, families, cultures, interests and businesses.

I believe each and every participant will find beneficial means by joining in. When you join, you can submit a personal website link, a social media profile page link, a business website link, or a charitable donations link, etc. You can submit a personal picture of you, your family, etc. I would ask that it contains a person or persons and that all material is appropriate and family friendly.


Let see what we can create together.


My hope is that it will help us all, each of us, to reach out beyond our own communities and boarders and be a resource shared Around The World. While giving each and every one who participates an opportunity of promotion.

A one year membership is $1.00 USD . This will give you one space with photo and link on the interactive global map. It will also get you a space on the calendar with a link, a member profile page, a place in the photo slide show with a link and a space on our links page. You will also be able to participate in all forum discussions and access to all member areas.

We will take $ .10 USD for every dollar collected and place it in a Small Business Grant Fund. We will give out Grants of $1000.00 USD  to Members, who send in qualified requests, these will be granted on a first come first serve basis.


Signing up early will have it's benefits.


Use the [Buy Now] Link below to place your order for a 1 year ad. and membership for $1.00 USD. Your ad may not appear right away, as it is still in the developmental for this to be beneficial to all involved. We will appreciate your patience during this time.

We will place a link on our links page in the mean time and you will have access to all member areas and benefits as they become available. Your membership start date will not begin until the completed interactive global map is published and will continue for 1 calendar year from your sign up date or our published date which ever way it would work. Once published we will continue to add to and maintain to this website.

We give thanks all those who may participate in advance and look forward to creating this World for you and with you.